Friday, December 2, 2016

The History Of David Crockett Elementary School

By Richard Fluker (2006)

David Crockett School, 700 Jasper Drive, had its beginning early in 1952 when the Board of Education and the Superintendent realized Sam Houston school could no longer serve the growing population of the east part of Marshall. After careful study of the area, the present site was selected.

In August 1953, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Bailey donated 8.89 acres of land for a school, provided that the building be completed by August 1958 and that city water service be extended to include the Jasper Heights area. The Board accepted this donation of the property and immediately began planning for the building.

A bid from Eckert-Fair Construction Company was accepted on September 15, 1954, and construction began shortly thereafter. The final cost of the building was $239,782.

In March 1955, the City Council of the Parent-Teacher Association submitted the name David Crockett to the Board of Education. The name was accepted.

The doors of David Crockett School opened for classes in September 1955 to 204 students, 10 teachers and the principal. The school had 12 classrooms, library, cafetorium, clinic, teacher's lounge and office.

Three additions have been made to the original building. In 1968, the south wing of the original building was extended to include six additional classrooms. Funds came from a $4,264,000 bond election in 1962. In 1972, the north wing of the original building was extended to include seven classrooms and two restrooms. The entire building was completely air conditioned during the school year of 1980-81. In the fall of 1987, a new library, 10 classrooms, special education room, computer room, teacher workroom, storeroom and office complex were added. Funds from the 1986 bond issue, which provided $5.5 million for additions to five schools and facilities for administration, food service, maintenance and transportation. A gymnasium separate from the main building opened in 1993.

With MISD's reorganization in 1981, Crockett School began serving students in grades K-4. Until then, it had been a K-6 school. In 1982, the Commissioner of Education named Crockett a partnership school and it began participating in the Accelerated Schools Program.

Crockett was first designated as a "Recognized" school by the Texas Education Agency in 2003-04 and repeated the accomplishment in 2004-05.

Update: Under the Legacy 2017 building program, a new K-5 elementary school with a capacity of 750 students is under construction at the David Crockett Elementary site. Upon completion of the new facility, the current building will be demolished.